I really do think the “Q&A” episode is great because it’s such unusual television. It was so brave of the creators to have one scene play out for as long as it did. It was like a one-act play. It was just really unconventional and interesting. … [Damian and I] tackled it like we do every other episode. You don’t have time to do too much prep work; you got to just lay it down, which I appreciate actually. It makes it fun. - Claire Danes

"She swallows; she came this close to vomiting, or punching him. He built his life so perfectly, so carefully, that nobody should have seen in. And she did, and she wormed her black little heart in there and tore it apart. He had total power, complete mastery over his life, his home, his mission, and she walked in and ripped it apart without even caring. She saw so clearly that it burned. And in the end, he was able to turn it around, cage her up in doubt, and say, ‘I am the one in control here.’ And it nearly killed her." —Jacob Clifton

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